Yo, what is up? April O'Neil here.

Just trying to make sense of this insane life of mine.

This is an independant RP blog for April O'Neil TMNT AU's. M18+ only, please.

If you wish to roleplay with me, drop me a tag at "theapriloneil". Check relations and rules before posting! Thanks!

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Don saw the red hair out of the corner of his eye, but he didn’t turn to look. No distinguishable features immediately noticed, so he took to his default, guarded state.

Alias, business, and intentions. State.

She blinked a few times, opening her mouth to say something, then closing it promptly after. She tilted her head slowly, brow raising and realizing that, well, something seemed off. She cleared her throat.

"April O’neil. No business, just passing through. Human, uh, I come in peace?"

OOC:// -shoulder rolls-


Clearing out my relations page.
Clearing up a threadlist as a cheapo little quick page to put up. it’s not finished and honestly as sad as it is, a lot of threads won’t make it.


If they didn’t last very long, or were abandoned prematurely without any closure, I’m not counting them. -shrug- SORRY.

Communication is a rule with me.

So I’m clearing out relations, clearing out threads, and unfollowing folks. I know I don’t have a lot of folks I watch, but I’m tired of SJW shit, tired of spamming, tired of folks not cutting their threads, and tired of being completely ignored by folks I’ve constantly tried communicating with. :U

Sorrryyyyy. If we haven’t talked in like, a month or if you’re obviously not going to respond to my thread I’m closing threads and unfollowing. If you want me to follow you again, you can contact me.

I’ve been contacting everyone and received nothing. So yeah.

Sorry if it’s whiney angsty and shit but blatant ignorance pisses me off so. -gets to work-

OOC:// At first, I didn’t see the sai so I thought he was just air grinding / air guitar. -facepalms-


Raphael is 100% done with your shit Donatello

OOC:// Are we not going to talk about Leo sitting in the back acting like, ‘YOU TWO FIGHT LIKE AN OLD MARRIED COUPLE JUST FUCKING DRIVE THE WHATCHA-MA-JIGGER.’



OOC:// I’m fucking cackling.



Suga, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this.


I bet if I dissolved to posting nothing but TMNT art I’d get more interactions than I do now.

-rolls away-


Give me the Raphril with mutual feelings but guilt on Raphael’s side over Don’s crush.

OOC:// I see those tags, TC.

<- is guilty of being ridiculously attached to their rp partners.


Super-duper guilty.



[[So I happened to get a glance at my dash, and I am about 16 people away from hitting 200 followers! As thanks for all the awesome people who regularly house me on their dash and put up with my inanity, I propose a give away!

There are only two rules

1- Like or Reblog this post to participate. You can do both and have double the chance!

2- In order to qualify, you have to be following me.

Once I hit 200 followers, I will pick three winners via random number generator. These lucky sons get a drawing of their choice from yours truly :3 ]]

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OOC:// Gonna be working on cleaning up some things, especially my threadlist page since only I can really see it anyway.

Threads that haven’t had a response from the other partner (with an exception or two of a few friends who rp with me on eight billion other threads), are considered abandoned or closed.

If you do NOT want the thread to close or are just being a forgetful frackle, uh, well, post? Like, I’m not going to babysit folks who just keep forgetting my threads.

I’ve reminded folks with the whole ‘like if I owe’ things, I’ve messaged, I’ve poked and tried being nice and got zip.

I’m tired. If you don’t want to rp the thread anymore stop making me wait for a post you’re not gonna do. Seriously, I’m a big girl, tell me you want it to end.